Smombie Guard: Don't be a smartphone zombie!

Smombie Guard protects you and your children when using a smartphone while walking or driving!

Keep your eyes on the road!

It is dangerous, if your child is not looking to the right or left, but only on his smartphones.

Smombie Guard protects you and your children by blocking the usage of your smartphone while walking! After a few steps, a warning screen will appear. It will only vanish when stopping or turning off your smartphone.

In the same way, Smombie Guard blocks the usage of apps while driving.

Trial & buy

Try Smombie Guard 3 days for free. Afterwards, you can reactivate it via InApp purchase. You now can use it without time limit and get free updates.

How Smombie Guard works

Using your smartphone while walking or driving is dangerous. Even if you only take a brief look at your smartphone, you are not able to pay attention to your surroundings. Therefore you might not be able to see people around you or obstacles.

Smombie Guard protects you by blocking the smartphone screen with a warning message. Only when stopping, your smartphone will be accessible again. Additionally, an audible alert is played and your smartphone vibrates.

Smombie Guard does not require GPS for step recognition, which saves battery life!

Install Smombie Guard on your children’s smartphone!

Children are even more at risk due to having a smaller field of view and being more easily distracted by their smartphones. Smombie Guard trains your children to use their smartphones only while standing and therefore without a risk.

Remote control, e-mail notification and PIN code

You can control Smombie Guard remotely (view status, make settings) via Of course, you must obtain your child's consent for that. If your child has uninstalled Smombie Guard or deactivated its background service, you will be notified via e-mail. To protect Smombie Guard from being turned off, you can lock the app with a PIN code.

Exceptions (walking)

You can enter various exceptions where no warning is supposed to appear:

Alert volume

Can be adjusted independently from the device’s volume, so that the audible alert will also be heard when your child has muted her smartphone.

Driving guard

If you use Smombie Guard for yourself, you can activate the driving guard. As soon as you open an app while driving, your smartphone will be blocked with a warning screen. If desired, the warning screen will remain even when stopping, e.g. at a red light. You can use the acceleration sensor (saves battery life) or GPS (more accurate) to detect if you are driving a car.

Exceptions (driving)

Emergency call

Even if the smartphone screen is blocked, you can make an emergency call via the emergency button.

Important note regarding the recognition accuracy

Despite using complex step and driving identification algorithms, false alarms or missing warnings cannot entirely be forclosed.